Bluehost Web Hosting Best for their Service

In the modern era people want to run their business online, so they start looking for the domain and hosting provider on the internet. And after little research they found a name Bluehost web hosting. So, in our mind, first of all, came a thought that is Bluehost web hosting best for small businesses (i.e. our business)?

First of all, don’t be panic for this hosting provider. For your kind information Bluehost powering over 2 million websites worldwide which makes this hosting provider a recognized brand name bargain web hosting?

Why should you buy Bluehost web hosting?

So, dear reader following are the few points on which you know that this best web hosting for any small business.

  1. Due to its large number of the client, they are able to provide max discount on the product.
  2. They provide various tools and video tutorial (such as on content marketing, SEO, SMO, email, domain name service, local business listing and many more) which will help you to set up and grow your startup company.
  3. Suppose that you bought its service and within 30 days you don’t like their service then they will provide you a 100% money guarantee.
  4. Bluehost provide also provide cheap domain which will helpful for the new startup company
  5. Customer Service and Technical support team are very supportive and available 24X7.

About Bluehost:- Quick Overview

Bluehost was founded in 2003 and in 17 years it becomes one of the world’s largest providers of cheap web hosting and many more things.

There are various plans for all categories of businesses and individuals who want to host their websites online. They provide SSL, Free email, unlimited bandwidth for the valued price customer, free global CDN, free daily, and weekly backup with the speed and highly secured network. Check here for the cheapest hosting plan.

Specification of Bluehost

  1. The customized panel, easy to use
  2. Dozens of site tools add-ons
  3. Free site builder
  4. 99.99% uptime
  5. Free SSL Certificate
  6. Hi-tech security feature
  7. Free domain-specific email address

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Types of Web Hosting available on Bluehost

  1. Shared Hosting: – This hosting is much cheaper and easy to use.
  2. Dedicated Hosting:- In this hosting people get their own space on a server which makes this hosting customizable, unlimited resources, and full control over the space.
  3. VPS Hosting: – VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This hosting has higher speed then above two and has various functionality, one-click feature and Easy site navigation
  4. Cloud Hosting:- This hosting is very expensive than above 3. This is used for a large business where people don’t want to have any downtime. This hosting is known for its scalability and Unmetered bandwidth.

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